October News


It started life as the PBPT party (Post Brexit/Pandemic/Trump). Then it morphed into the Frolic. Finally it burst upon us as the Froyle Festival. It was a brilliant success and will be long remembered. It achieved its principle aim of bringing the village back together after a period of isolation in which we drifted apart. Thanks are due to Ian Whitmore and his organising committee who ensured a good time was had by all. Thanks also to the foot soldiers who on the day carted and carried, put up and took down, flipped the burgers and served the teas, organised the races and manned the stalls. Most impressive after so much labour was the dancing which was energetic and uninhibited. I wonder if there is a demand for a village hall country dance club? Clearly there is plenty of steam which needs to be let off. And what better way to do it!

Fired up by the Festival plans are now afoot to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee on Sunday 5 June 2022 by taking part in the nationwide ‘Big Lunch’. We have already rebooked the marquee and have an option on a hog roast. The event will be open to all so you can bring friends and family. Ideas and suggestions as to how we celebrate are welcome. Talk to any member of the village hall committee.

Now for something really serious.

Froyle Village Hall is a registered charity whose objectives are to provide, manage and maintain a community hall for all the residents of Froyle. It is now more than 2 years since the hall held an Annual General Meeting (AGM) as required by its constitution. This will now take place on Wednesday 13 October at 7.30pm in the hall. Drinks and nibbles will be served from 7.00 pm to get you in the mood. There will be a chance to examine the accounts, hear a report on recent activities and ask questions. The whole committee will then stand down and will seek re-election. (If no one comes there will be no committee and therefore no hall.)

After the formal part of the meeting is over which should only take twenty minutes at the most, there will be an open discussion on the future of the hall. How can we lower its carbon footprint and make it more sustainable? How can we increase the use of the hall while ensuring that it is available to residents? Have we got the charging structure right? What other activities and events should the hall be arranging. This is your opportunity to have your say, contribute to the future of the hall and help ensure that it remains at the heart of the community.

Following last year’s successful online Quiz, the Froyle Quiz returns on 30 October. Teams of six are sought to do battle.

The next Film Night remains under discussion. Suggestions for a suitable film as always very welcome.

It is also nearly two years since we held our last bonfire party. This will take place on Friday 5 November on the recreation ground. Doors open at 6pm with fireworks at approximately 7pm depending on the state of the bonfire. As usual the BBQ will be in action so there will plenty to eat. Beer, mulled wine and soft drinks will be served. Sweets and glow sticks on sale for the children. All at reasonable prices. Admission is free but there will be a bucket collection to help fund next year’s party. Your safety is our number one priority. Please do not bring your own fireworks including sparklers. Do not go inside the safety cordon or allow children to do so. Park carefully and considerately. Bring a torch and if possible wear high visibility coats.

Contributions to the bonfire are welcome but please only from Monday 4 October. Please ensure that pallets, timber and brush/garden waste are kept separate and piled as neatly as possible on the Rec between the gate and the playground. We shall install a combination lock for the gate as previously and the code will be available from committee officers, David Robertson 520820, Nick Whines 23130 and Charlie Findlay 22109. Please scramble the lock when you leave.

Please do not leave anything in front of the gate which will obstruct access. This happened last time, took ages to clear and will be reported as fly tipping!

Please do not bring plastic or metal or anything which will not burn and which will then have to be taken to the tip. This includes heavy tree trunks.

If you are free, do come and help build the bonfire on Sunday 31 October starting at 9.30 am. It usually takes no more than a couple of hours. Wear gloves and boots with thick soles to protect you from splinters and nails and don’t try to carry too much. Safety first!

Help will also be appreciated on the morning of 6 November to rake the bonfire together and to ensure it all burns. Once the fire is out help is also needed to barrow away the ash and collect all the nails using our magnet on wheels.

Bonfire Night recalls an attempt in 1605 to blow up Parliament, together with the King, the Lords and Bishops and all the MPs. Sadly the decline in history teaching in schools means that this event may have passed most children by. Perhaps they could be told the story and invited to produce a Guy to adorn the bonfire. Small prize for the best guy delivered to the hall by 5.30pm on the day. Given the creativity on display in the Froyle Ark, my expectations are high. When I was a child it was always Mr Harold Macmillan on the top of our community fire, not that this is intended to give you ideas.

Nick Whines