November News


It’s been a busy month at the Village Hall. The Froyle Quiz returned with ten unlikely named teams battling for top honours: Nerd Immunity, Not So Great Expectations, Frank Einsteins among others. The evening began with cheese and biscuits, pork pies, pickles and cheesy anagrams which defeated all but a few (resolute cubed log?). Questions on art, sport and geography followed and were nicely judged to rack the brains. A round on initials and acronyms caused the most difficulty (What does ‘FLOTUS’ stand for?). Questions on cities were the easiest (15 miles south of the equator?) and curiously that’s when six teams played their joker doubling their score for that round. At half time Six No Trumps were ahead by a single point. Following further delicious refreshments questions on science, food and drink, and musical gardens followed maintaining a brisk pace. In the last couple of rounds Slower Froyle pushed through to a clear and convincing victory. So well done the Carrs, the Pickerings, Sheila Cottington and Ian Whitmore. Solace perhaps for losing the tug of war at the Festival. Upper Froyle may have the brawn but the brains ……? 

Thanks are due to Gordon and Faith for organising such a jolly evening which they ran so professionally and to Susie, Jo, Caroline, Charlie and others who kept everybody well fed and watered.  And thank you for everyone who took part. The event raised a total of £450 for Cardiac Rehab in Alton. Traditionally the winners of the Quiz organise it for the following year. However instead, lots (jokers) were drawn and out of the hat came The Beech Boys and Girls. (And that’s not a spelling error Ed.) 

Next came the November the fifth bonfire party. In light of a more than usually careful reading of the small print of our insurance policy we made some decisions: to limit the number of those attending by not advertising the event, to limit the size of the bonfire and once the event is over to keep watch over the fire until the morning. As a result we had to stop the collection of garden waste much earlier than usual and we apologise to any families who were inconvenienced by this. This year there was a shortage of pallets and you need pallets to create enough heat to dry out and burn the brush. While searching for pallets we met up with Powerup Events a company operating out of the West End Farm industrial estate who offered to set up at cost lighting and a PA system for the event. This they did and it made a huge improvement as everybody could see each other. At six o clock we lit the bonfire with just two visitors present but over the next hour as the fire blazed into life more and more people materialised (despite almost any promotion) and the queues for mulled wine, draught bitter, hot chocolate, burgers and sausages grew ever longer. Meanwhile a vast number of children descended on the playground making full use of all the equipment. At seven the lights were turned off, the record crowd counted down and the first firework burst overhead. The display was short but spectacular and the pyrotechnicians deserved the round of applause which followed. The lights came on and the last of the food and drink were consumed. It was a very happy event and much appreciated by those who came and who donated nearly £900 into the bucket collection ‘for next years fireworks’. Normally we plan to break even but this year we made a loss of  approximately £400 as a result of an increase in our costs. We think this was money well spent. Thanks are due to the large number of people who made the event so successful including Mick, from Tom Porter’s farming team, who operated the high loader used to build the bonfire and the night watchman. It may interest you to know the fire was still burning more than a week later. However, by the time you read this the ash will have been cleared, all the nails and screw removed and the ground reseeded. 

For the last few years the Village Hall has hosted and supported a Baby and Toddler Group organised very successfully by Molly Scotton. Molly has now decided she must step down. We are very grateful for all the work she has done for both the hall and the village and pleased that she intends to remain on the committee and will continue as out Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Officer.  

Molly writes:

After a fantastic 3 1/2 years, I have decided it is time to move on from running Baby and Toddler Group. It has been a time filled with lots of fun, paint, messy play, singing, parachutes, climbing and socialising. During this time we have grown the group to have over 200 families, of which about 40 attend each week. We have massively increased the selection of toys during my time here. Brilliant memories have been made, for myself, for the mums, dads, nannies and grandparents, and of course for the children. 

I am looking for people to continue my role from January 2022. I will be available to help and support you during the transition. Please contact me on the Froyle Baby and Toddler Group Facebook Page or email me at if you are interested in this role – it’s a lot of work but very rewarding and a great way to get to know more people around the village. 

I am looking forward to the next chapter of Froyle Baby and Toddler group, and to continue being heavily involved in the village hall. Thank you all for letting me have this opportunity, I’ve loved every second!

We very much hope someone will step forward to continue the work of the Baby and Toddler Group.

The stain on one of the ceiling tiles which was noticed at the AGM  turns out to be rather more serious than we had hoped. It looks as if the flashing round one of the solar panels has failed and is allowing rain to get through the roof. If you spot a problem in the hall or have a suggestion for an improvement please do let me know or any member of the committee.

Finally a plea to all hall users: if something gets broken or damaged, please report it. We know that accidents happen and are usually very understanding provided we are told. Please take your rubbish with you. We simply do not have enough bin capacity if you don’t. Before you leave ensure that the floor is swept, tables, chairs and other equipment are stacked neatly, all windows and doors are shut, and all lights turned off. Then double lock the front door and return the key to the safe. 

Having said that, the speed and efficiency with which the hall was tidied up after both the Quiz and the Bonfire was impressive. A great example of many hands making light work. Thank you.