March News

It was good to see ‘Dottie Tots’, the Bentley based nursery school, using the hall for a couple of weeks. Do come again.

We now have a brand new website with plenty of information about the hall. It includes a gallery of photographs of village activity going back over a number of years: a reminder perhaps of what we have been missing during the pandemic but also what we have to look forward to when life gets back to normal or at least the new normal.

There is also this blog which provides an opportunity to tell stories about the hall and its history as well as promote activities and events. So if you have a memory you would like to contribute please let me know. The problem with websites is that they are often started with great enthusiasm but keeping them up to date is not that easy. And nothing is sadder than a blog to which nothing has been posted for five years. So please remember to contribute. In the next few weeks members of the Committee will be trained to maintain the website, change the copy and add new photographs etc. We shall then be all set to respond when the hall is finally allowed to reopen.

While we wait we are going to do some redecorating and having the curtains cleaned so all is fresh for the party we intend to throw to celebrate reopening. There are lots of new faces in the village and we hope this will provide an opportunity to say hello and welcome and would you like to join the committee?

Now, do you use Amazon for your online shopping? I confess I have been known to. I mean it’s so convenient. There you are fresh out of four inch screws or thermal socks and next day they appear on your doorstep as if by magic. Amazon has introduced an app called Amazon Smile which sends a small donation to a charity of your choice every time you buy something. So why not download the app, make Froyle Village Hall your nominated charity and start spending. It will help offset Covid gloom and any feelings of guilt about the fact that Amazon doesn’t pay enough tax or that it is destroying the High Street. If enough residents join it might (eventually) pay for the paint. Here is the link to get you started.

Nick Whines