March News

The Committee has been discussing the budget for the current year. So far bookings have been disappointing. 50% down on the same period in 2019, the last comparable year. We have decided to assume this pattern will continue for the next six months returning to normal we hope in the autumn. We have therefore reduced our expected income accordingly. Our costs which include heating, lighting, insurance and general maintenance are also likely to rise during the year particularly gas and electricity. Our major project for the year is of course the Jubilee celebration for which we have budgeted £4000. We have placed in our reserves £1000 to build up a fund to pay for refurbishing the floor when it next becomes necessary in three of four years time. Overall the hall will operate at a loss this year which is not our normal practice of attempting to break even. However this needs to be balanced against the improvements we made to the hall during lockdown and the various government grants  we received while closed which has ensured that the hall remains in good financial health.

We plan to hold our Annual General Meeting on 20 April along with the Annual Parish Meeting at which we will present our accounts for 2021 for approval. The Committee will stand down and seek re-election. I am sure attendance will be much better than last year. More information about the AGM in next month’s Magazine.

We do need to increase the usage of the hall and ideas from residents of how we might do this would be very welcome. We are hoping that the Mothers and Toddlers Group will resume in the spring. I hear talk of more art classes. But what else? The hall is well suited to children’s parties so if you are a member of a PTA do please pass on details of our website at

We are looking at bringing the pool table back into operation. We also have a table tennis table which has lurked unloved at the back of the container for many years. Would anyone be in interested in making use of this? We plan to support Alton Foodbank by having a permanent container in the hall into which contributions can be placed at any time when the hall is open. See page xx for more details.

The village hall continues to operate an email list which is used to alert residents to events, cries for help etc. To join the list email David Robertson The list is operated in strict compliance with data protection rules. You will not be bombarded with messages.

Although lockdown restrictions are coming to an end there does seem to be a general reluctance to venture forth. I am more guilty than most. Attendance at the Meeting Place for example has declined and this is a shame. If you have not yet been to the Meeting Place on a Friday morning and enjoyed the company and the excellent cake that is served there, do give it try. The more people attend the more people will attend but sadly the reverse is also true. Some effort is going to be needed to rebuild the community spirit for which Froyle  has a fine reputation. It would be good to think that a younger generation of residents are standing by and ready and willing to make things happen. The Jubilee celebration will be a test. Lots of volunteers are going to be needed for the event to be a success and to prevent the organisers wearing themselves to a frazzle. The following weekend we have Froyle Open Gardens when more help will be needed. It’s certainly a daunting prospect.  Don’t wait to be asked. Step forward!