July News

Over the half term week the village hall floor was scrubbed and recoated and now looks very smart. Please do not use sticky tape to mark the floor as it destroys the surface. Similarly when moving furniture please lift do not drag! When stacking chairs please be careful of the newly painted walls. Having spent recent months redecorating the hall we are more than usually house proud!

The hall is lucky to have a Granwood floor. It is made from special blocks containing a combination of sawdust, cement and fillers which are then heavily compressed into shape with the desired density. They are then totally saturated in linseed oil. Next, the blocks are stacked to allow them to ‘mature’. It was found that once this had happened, the product unlike wood, was almost entirely free from expansion and contraction, it was fire and damp resistant, didn’t allow dry rot to form, was proof against vermin and insect attack, as well as being warm, resilient and extremely durable.

The blocks were invented early in the 20th century and the company went from strength to strength providing flooring for sports halls around the world. One hall burnt down but the floor emerged unscathed. Another was flooded to a depth of six feet. Again the floor survive intact. The weakness of the system was that it required the correct maintenance. If the wrong chemicals were used whole floors could be totally ruined.

So the floor is well worth looking after. We plan to buy some replacement blocks before the supply runs out. Sadly they are no longer manufactured.

Talking of blocks, we were pleased to host the Froyle Open Garden teas at the beginning of June and the loos coped well with the unusually heavy use. However the hall drainage system is far from perfect and can jam up quite easily. If you use the facilities please do not put anything down the WCs which might cause a problem.

Open Gardens brought to light the fact that an attempt had been made to break into the village hall container. An angle grinder had been used to cut of the padlock bolt. Fortunately the would be burglars still could not shift the padlock itself and had to retreat empty handed. Had they managed to get inside their disappointment would have been even more intense when confronted with the contents: the tug-of-war rope, a lot of bollards and an artificial Christmas tree. Had they broken into the football hut which would have been a great deal easier, they would have at least found a lifetime’s supply of reading matter and among the bric a brac and jumble, some summer frocks.

Talking of summer the flower bed outside the Hall is starting to show some real class. This is due in no small part to committee member Gordon and other half Faith who planted it up a couple of years ago.  But recently they have been going beyond the call of duty by doing some much needed weeding, which is very kind of them. So if anybody else would be prepared to pull up the odd weed on a regular basis, we (and they) would be very grateful.

I had hoped that by the time you read this all Covid 19 restrictions would have been lifted and the hall would be back to normal. However it was not to be. An increase in Covid cases has led the government to continue existing regulations until 19 July. We apologise that as a result we may have to cancel some bookings.

Once we can reopen fully it would be good to see the use of the hall increase. If you have ideas for future activities or events do make contact. Full details of the facilities and hire charges can be found on the new website at www.froylevillagehall.co.uk

For information about the proposed Froyle Frolic please see page X.

Nick Whines