February News

2021 ended on a high note for the committee with a festive supper in the Hen and Chicken to which I was able to contribute some prize money for coming 4th in a photographic competition run by one of the village hall insurance companies. Yes, I know it sound like one of those ‘Chance’ cards you get when playing Monopoly. I of course apologised for not coming first which would have earned the hall ten times more. 

The new year has started less well. A Saturday evening party left the worse mess that we have seen for years. It is so disappointing. Cindy keeps the hall looking bright and sparklingly clean. It must have been awful for her to see her work so completely undone. There was some evidence that an attempt had been made to clear up but it had in fact only made matters worse spreading grease and stickiness everywhere. The condition of the floor was such that several days later members of the Parish Council were literally stuck to the floor. It may well need expensive professional cleaning.

We have explained to the hirer the problem they have created and retained their deposit of £50 which normally we are very loath to do. We have now decided to increase the deposit for parties for non-residents to £100. The rule is very simple: leave the hall as you found it or better. If you think you might make a bit of a mess. Book time the next day to come back and sort it out.

The Parish Council has asked the committee if they would consider providing an externally accessible toilet within the foot print of the village hall. A plan was provided to suggest how this might be achieved. Although several members of the committee felt a new loo on the recreation ground would be a good idea, the majority questioned the need and raised practical considerations about how it would be managed and maintained.

On the narrower question of incorporating a new loo into the hall, there was unanimous objection on the grounds that the was insufficient room to build it to Building Regulation standards, it would result in a diminution and downgrading of the existing facilities, the outward opening doors would be dangerous to passers by and that viewed from the car park it would be unsightly. Although the project had not been costed it did not appear cost-effective.

The last week of January was National Village Halls Week which is designed to draw attention to the role of community halls. No, I don’t expect you noticed. Last year after we failed to celebrate the event I thought it might be an idea to purchase a banner which we could hang over the front of the hall so you didn’t miss the opportunity to take part. But again I forgot. However it is important to remember that there are at least 10,000 halls across the country providing a focus for community activity, each one with a hard working committee keeping it going. This year we are being encouraged to broaden our support base so please read on. 

The committee have been discussing arrangements for the Platinum Jubilee  which will be celebrated over the long weekend 2-5 June. A sub-committee has been set up to organise the BIG LUNCH that will take place on the Sunday that will be open to all Froyle residents and their families. Given the experience of the Froyle Festival more organisers and helpers will be needed. If you would like to join in please contact Karen Potter or any member of the committee. Each of the following activities or events are being promoted nationally. We will need someone to make them happen in Froyle. Might it be you?

Beacons will be lit across the country on the evening of 2 June. A vast amount of information can be found here: https://www.queensjubileebeacons.com/guide

Inside the hall we hope to show all the broadcast state events on our large screen.

The Platinum Pudding: given Froyle’s reputation for cake baking I hope some residents will enter this competition or perhaps someone can organise  a Froyle version which can be eaten at the BIG LUNCH. See https://www.fortnumandmason.com/platinum-pudding 

The Green Canopy is a tree planting initiative. Should we plant a Jubilee tree? Or is there somewhere in the village for a Jubilee Grove. More on this here: https://queensgreencanopy.org/get-involved/communities-and-groups/

I am sure nobody really thinks I am a monarchist, but can we come up with a permanent reminder not only of this unprecedented Jubilee but of the Queen’s long reign. I look hopefully towards the football hut and ponder.

Finally evidence that someone does read my monthly missive. In the January Magazine I wrote about the problem of reducing the hall’s carbon footprint. Step forward Doug Johnson who lives in Lower Froyle. He has kindly offered to have a look and see how we can improve.